Death Dreams

I mentioned yesterday that it has been a high anxiety/low mood time for me. There are various outside factors that I can pinpoint as the triggers for both of those. Those factors are still there so I’m looking at probably having another week like that.

To add to the fun this morning – I had multiple dreams last night that revolved around death. Fortunately, none of them involved the death of people I know who are currently alive. They were either dreams of deaths from the past or dreams of funerals for unknown people. It did not make for a good morning feeling.

There are a few things that might have led to these dreams:

Last week at book club we talked about funerals.

I got the news that a former coworker has been put in hospice care.

My wife texted me that her uncle’s(by marriage) older sister died yesterday.

So, death has been a topic on my mind this week.

I will be working on trying to deal with this unsettled feeling again this week. Normally, the barn would be a good place to get away from it, but now I am in charge of medicating a horse tomorrow, so that adds anxiety there as well.

Maybe more naps will help.

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