Tater’s Week in Review 3/4/23

I’m back to my normal “No movie” status this week. I did finish a book.


I wrote about an interesting day at church on Sunday. They did a congregational survey that shows that 51% of the church and the pastor disagree with the direction the United Methodist Church is headed, but it is not feasible for them to disaffiliate, so we have a UMC that is being run like a Global Methodist Church. That is not a good situation for anyone.

My wife is out of town to stay with her ill mom. She will probably be gone another week. My son is here off and on due to issues at his condo. This has disrupted my routine. I need to find new times to write and do other things.

I discovered this morning that holding goats still while they get injuries treated and nails clipped is much harder and will make you sorer than normal barn work.

TV News and Views

Hallmark has renewed The Way Home.

Star Trek Discovery will end after next season.

Bebe Neuwirth will reprise her role of Lilith in the Frasier revival.

Survivor returned this week and it was a good first episode. I liked the cast and they changed up a few things to make it seem a little less repetitive than the last two seasons. I still think they need to go back to the 39 days format.


I finished one book this week.

Wayward by Chuck Wendig – This is the sequel to Wanderers. It is now five years after the events of the first book where a strange malady sent a group of Americans sleepwalking across the country. The sleepwalkers are now awake in their new home. The world has been decimated by a pandemic. The AI that saved the flock and the shepherds may not be as altruistic as it seems.

This was a very long book. I liked the story and the characters and was invested enough to keep going even when it got bogged down in places. It started a little slow but picked up when some of the characters left the small town to make the trek across the country to the CDC to find a way to stop the AI from controlling the lives of their friends. I gave it four stars. It could have been a five if some of the unnecessary stuff was edited out to streamline the story a bit. It was a few pages from dropping to a three. I don’t remember the first book feeling too long.

On Deck

I have The Fabelmans and Till on DVD from the library.

The season(possible series) finale of The Winchesters is on this week.

The SEC men’s basketball tournament starts this week.

I am reading Freewater by Amina Luqman-Dawson


4 thoughts on “Tater’s Week in Review 3/4/23

  1. I’ve never read the Wanderers. I’ve put it on my Audible Wish List because I just don’t read really long books in hard cover or ebook formats.

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