An Interesting Day at Church

The United Methodist Church is in the process of splitting.

The more conservative churches are leaving to form the Global Methodist Church. The assumption is that the exodus of the conservative churches will pave the way for the United Methodist Church to reverse its ban on gay ordination and marriage.

My church put together a small survey where members could tell them where they stood on a spectrum of

3 – Traditional and will leave the church if it stays with the more progressive UMC

2 – Traditional but would consider staying even if it went that way.

7 – Progressive but willing to remain at a more traditional church

9 – Progressive and would leave if the church went the more traditional way.

All of the numbers in between could be chosen if you were more in the middle or barely leaned one way.

38% of the respondents picked 1 – they would leave the church if it did not fully embrace the conservative views.

13% were at a 2.

12% at 3

7% picked 9 – they would leave the church if it did not fully embrace the progressive views.

10% were at 8.

13% at 7.

There was a meeting after church to discuss. It seemed like only the more conservative people stayed and the entire discussion was about how, even though we did not reach the percent needed to leave the UMC and go with the Global Methodist Church, the church leadership plans to honor the more traditional view and will try to make sure the UMC doesn’t send them pastors who don’t agree with that.

That will work until 2024 when the UMC votes again on the issue. If they vote to reverse the ban I don’t think it will be feasible to be a United Methodist church or pastor if you disagree with their stance.

In the meantime, church members have to make a personal choice.

If you are in the 30% that lean toward the progressive side do you stay at a church where the leadership is clear that they do not believe as you believe and will operate in a more conservative way?

If you are in the 50-60% who are more conservative are you going to stay at a United Methodist Church knowing the denomination is moving away from your beliefs? Are you satisifed with local leadership saying they agree with you?

Does it make sense to stay in a denomination when you don’t agree with its theology?

Do you find a church/denomination that is not fighting over this?

Do you wish they never asked the question so you could be blissfully ignorant of the thoughts of others on the issue?

Interesing times.


20 thoughts on “An Interesting Day at Church

  1. As a non-practicing Methodist (that sounds almost redundant), this is very disappointing to me. I thought Methodists were inclusive, but I do remember that my own church was more divisive (thanks to the minister) when I was in high school. It caused my disaffection with organized religion.

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  2. You reminded me of my childhood Presbyterian church. Our longtime pastor left and a charismatic pastor came. Soon the church was divided over speaking in tongues and those who had not yet stood up in church and spoken in tongues. My parents left the church after being very active for years. Somehow I don’t think Jesus would support these divisions.

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  3. The church doesn’t give you much choice. Our church is conservative and even though there is a lot of praise music and singing, our pastor still sticks to the word and doesn’t attempt to change it to modern speak to please everyone. If a pastor cannot Sheppard, and lead his flock by the word, then I would leave and find a church that can. I had no idea the Methodist church was going through this turmoil. Best of luck Tater.


  4. If I was a church goer, I definitely wouldn’t stay with a church that didn’t share my viewpoint. Why would anyone want to worship angry ?


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