Paying for Social Media?

It was requested by a family member that I write about the new paid Meta Verified service since people seem to be confused about what it means.

Does this mean I will have to pay for Facebook?

No. As of now, Facebook is still free to use. Same as Twitter is still free to use after they introduced Twitter Blue. Unless you opt into the paid services you can still have a free account. Nothing will change for most users. Don’t fall for those posts saying it’s true that you will have to start paying for Facebook. Even if they say they saw it on the news.

So what does it mean?

Meta verified is a subscription service that allows you to be verified on Meta platforms. This offers you protection from impersonating accounts. It also gives you more visibility by boosting you in searches and recommendations. It will also give you easier access to customer support.

Do I need it?

Your average Facebook user will likely not think that is worth the $14.99 a month. Most people using Facebook only want their posts seen by their friends, not the general public. They don’t want or need a boost in searches and recommendations. Getting hacked or having someone create a fake account under your name is annoying, but unless you are trying to protect your brand, reporting it and warning friends is probably enough. You don’t need to pay $14.99 to stop it.

Who wants this?

I’m not sure as many people as they think. This will be mainly for creators who are trying to increase their reach and their income from social media. If you are counting on Facebook and Instagram as part of your income and you are making more than $14.99 a month from them you might think it is worth it to protect that income stream. If you are a creator or self-employed and using social media to boost your brand you might also feel it is worth it to make sure your brand is secure.

Will this lead to Facebook becoming a paid service?

It’s possible. I don’t think it will, but if Meta finds most people are willing to pay for something they have been giving them for free, I don’t think they would hesitate to charge for the service. I think what they will find is that most people are not interested in paying for Facebook.

So, for the most part, your Facebook experience will not change. It will still be free unless you opt into the verified service. You will still be able to do everything you already do. You might notice a change in some of the public accounts you follow.


13 thoughts on “Paying for Social Media?

  1. They’ve set it at a seriously high level which will only make sense to those with matching seriously high earnings from the platforms. There’s increasing numbers of people using Meta for business, and I could see how a lower figure would have take-up. In short, I think it’s a good idea, but they’ve set the level so high that it will only be worth it to a small number at the very top of the tree.

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