Horse Stuff

I am writing this later than normal because I decided to go to the barn today even though I wasn’t scheduled.


One of the horses has been having some stomach issues. He was checked out by a vet and he is on medication. Barn leads were sent a detailed schedule of when and how to administer the medicine.

I was not thrilled about getting to the barn tomorrow morning and trying to figure it all out. My dog woke me up at 5 this morning so I stayed up and went to the barn to do the morning medicine with the Monday morning barn lead who has a lot more experience than me.

I prepared the medicine and walked out to the field with her to give it to the horse.

I also visited my goat friends before I left.

I then rewarded myself with a coffee and sandwich(a late addition when I discovered we had a $2 off reward) at Panera.

I’m still home 90 minutes earlier than I would be if I had not left as soon as the medicine was done.

Hopefully , I will now have less anxiety about being in charge of the medication tomorrow morning.


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