It’s Another Birthday Post

Today is my birthday.

Most of today will be like any other day.

I will still do my normal stuff I do every Thursday morning. I didn’t see any reason to change that.

I will make a quick stop at the library to pick up a book for book club.

I will go to Starbucks for my free drink.

I will then come home and try to spend the rest of the day reading and/or watching TV.

I’m sure the rest of the day around me will be the same.

My wife will work from home.

My daughter will sleep most of the day.

We will probably have leftovers for dinner.

We will watch Jeopardy and then shows we have recorded.

I will go to bed way earlier than everyone else and they will stay up to watch Teen Wolf.

Such an exciting birthday. I’m not sure I can handle it.


16 thoughts on “It’s Another Birthday Post

  1. Happy birthday! I have found, as I’ve gotten older, that the more low-key my birthday, the better. As long as the important people in my life don’t forget.

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  2. Even since my 30th birthday passed entirely uncommented upon and uncelebrated because my sister got married the same weekend, I’ve not been big on celebrating it. Although I did have some excellent week-long epic birthday celebrations in my fifties, I’m back to mostly ignoring it again.

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    1. I’ve never had a big celebration. We didn’t do birthday parties when I was a kid. I didn’t do any big celebrations for milestone years. It’s typical for it to be a normal day with maybe dinner out if it’s a big one.

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