Are My Shirts Really That Odd?

I go to church every Sunday. We attend a service where people dress casually. When it is cold I wear my normal attire of jeans and a hoodie. Most of the time I am wearing either a Ravens or a University of Kentucky hoodie. Sometimes, though, I wear other ones and I get quizzical looks.

The three that seem to confuse people:

1. My “May the Norse Be With You” one from Norway. People read the shirt, sometimes out loud, and seem very confused by it. I guess I get it. It isn’t a normal thing for a shirt to say, but you should get it, right?

2. My Bowling for Soup shirt. Unless you know they are a band you might be confused about what it means. This one allows me to tell people about my favorite band. I don’t think they care.

3. The one that got the odd reaction Sunday seems pretty straightforward. It is from Jenny Lawson’s bookstore in San Antonio, the Nowhere Bookshop. It just has the name of the store and San Antonio, TX. Yet, I still had someone read it like it was an alien language or something and had to explain that it is a bookstore in Texas and that a friend got it for me.

I sometimes get it with my t-shirts as well. I guess the norm these days are for people to wear clothes that are plain or have easy sports logos on them.


12 thoughts on “Are My Shirts Really That Odd?

  1. I wear a ton of Swim and Dive shirts from U of Utah where my daughter swam. Every meet parents were told what color of shirt to wear, red white or black. Then my daughter gave me her closet full of Utah swim and dive gear that no longer fits her. I realize I only have one shirt from my son’s UC Santa Barbara.

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