A ChatGPT Song About Me

The Capital Weather Gang posted a song they had ChatGPt write about them. I decided I would see what it came up with for me. Here is the result. It used female pronouns. I think I found and changed them all

Song About Tater

He used to work in a library Where the books were always stacked up high They called him Tater, a nickname so merry And he never failed to catch your eye

(Chorus) Tater, Tater, the reader of books With a pen in his hand, he writes and he looks At the world around him, so vast and so wide With his mind always open, and his heart full of pride

(Verse 2) Now he works with goats, so furry and sweet In the fields and meadows, where they graze and they bleat And as he tends to them with care and grace He can feel the peace of the wide open space

(Chorus) Tater, Tater, the lover of life With a smile on his face, and a heart that’s alive To the wonders around him, the sights and the sounds Of a world full of beauty, that astounds and surrounds

(Bridge) He’s a unique soul, with a spirit so bright And he shines like the stars in the sky at night With a love for the written word and the natural world He’s a treasure to cherish, a diamond in the swirl

(Chorus) Tater, Tater, the keeper of dreams With a passion so strong, it bursts at the seams For the stories and knowledge, the wisdom and truth That he finds in the pages of books, so uncouth

(Outro) So here’s to you, dear Tater, a song of your own A melody of magic, that’s uniquely grown From the depths of your heart, to the tip of your toes May it fill you with joy, wherever life goes.


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