Tater’s Top 5 Super Bowl Ads and 2 That Didn’t Connect

I thought the Super Bowl ads were generally mediocre and disappointing this year. Nothing really stood out for me. I think all of the lists of best ads will be different because no commercial stood out as the best. These companies spent a lot of money to be so meh. They need to reconsider their marketing departments.

Here are the 5 that I liked the most and then 2 that didn’t work for me, but everyone else loved.

I don’t know why, but I loved the Miles Teller Bud Light commercial. It was fun and it was nice to see a couple just having fun with a mundane task.

I spend a good amount of time with my dog. She sits next to me on the couch when I am there. She follows me around the house when I am doing stuff. We go for two or three walks a day. This one connected with me.

I loved this one for several reasons. Ben Affleck is known for his love of Dunkin and Boston. This was a perfect ad for him. I loved J Lo coming through for her glazed and finding him working there. Perfect.

I must love ads with family in them. I’m a fan of Cooper and he was good here. I loved his mom making fun of him and how much he seemed to enjoy it.

Grease is one of my favorite movies. I watch it whenever I see it is on. I had a huge crush on Olivia Newton John in the 80s. I have an alert set on Sirius for when songs from the movie play. I was the target audience for this ad.

And now two that didn’t work for me but others have listed as favorites.

I thought the Maya Rudolph M&M commercials were just weird. I don’t know exactly what they were going for here. I thought it was dumb.

I don’t get the Jennifer Coolidge love. I thought she was the worst part of White Lotus, in both seasons. I find her annoying so an ad of her being her and making annoying dolphin sounds didn’t work for me. I’m sure the world at large loved it.

I was a little sleepy toward the end of the game so I might have missed some that would have made the list otherwise.

What were your favorites? Which ones did you hate?


11 thoughts on “Tater’s Top 5 Super Bowl Ads and 2 That Didn’t Connect

  1. I didn’t watch the Super Bowl, but I’ve seen some of the ads. Your top five were entertaining, a couple laugh-out-loud funny. NPR selected their top seven (eight?), two bad, and one with a mixed review. I passed on watching the dog commercial because I’m just not a dog person, but they liked it too.


  2. I also loved the Miles Teller “on hold” commercial. Great concept and execution, and it also makes me look forward to my next half-hour customer service hold because I’m gonna dance. I thought the Ben Affleck Dunkin’ ad was great as I know he’s a big fan and I go there every day. The Farmer’s Dog commercial was awesome, and I also liked the Amazon one where the family bought their misbehaving dog a puppy. I agree M & M really missed an opportunity after creating that weak Maya Rudolph stunt. Bringing the M & M’s back should have been a big deal ad-wise. That whole campaign was indeed a mess.

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