Tater’s Week in Review 2/11/23

This will be a brief review this week. There is not much happening here. I didn’t watch a movie. I didn’t finish a book. It was a slow week.


I’m still in limbo with the substitute teacher application. I think it’s time to move on and apply to other schools.

My birthday freebies are starting to roll in and I’m still 5 days away from my birthday. More should be on the way.

I picked up an extra barn shift Monday morning and ended up being in charge instead of just volunteering. I think I will go back to sleeping on Monday mornings.

TV News and Views

Avenue 5 was canceled at HBO. I enjoyed the show and was hoping it would last.

Uncoupled, canceled at Netflix, was picked up by Showtime.

The Peripheral was renewed on Prime.

I watched the premiere of Not Dead Yet with Gina Rodriguez Wednesday night. We enjoyed it. I like the cast and Martin Mull was good as the first ghost. I like her interaction with the roommate. I think they could dump the nepo baby boss character.

Flash and Million Little Things started their final seasons Wednesday night. I have stuck with them and am curious to see how they end.


As I said above, I did not finish a book this week. I am 300 pages into Wayward by Chuck Wendig and I still have 500 pages to go. I might take a break and read something lighter this week. I like it, but it is a lot.

On Deck

I have The Woman King on DVD from the library.

I will be watching the Super Bowl tomorrow night and will write about the commercials Monday morning.

Next Level Chef premieres after the game. We loved the first season. It’s an interesting concept.

I will continue my slow crawl through Wayward and maybe read a YA book as well.


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