Today’s Weather is Good for the Soul

I have struggled recently with the fact that I was not enjoying my time at the barn as much as I did in the past. Today went a long way to getting me back to my love for the place.

First, I was greeted by Sangria, the barn cat, who jumped in my car as soon as I arrived and opened the door.

It was warm and the weather was going to stay pretty much the same so the horses were not wearing blankets and wouldn’t need to be blanketed.

I drove around feeding the horses and stood with Rip as he ate to make sure he got all of his medicine. He tried to eat my hand because it had food on it.

I visited the goats to give them their morning hay.

I walked another horse in from the field for schooling.

I got to observe some of the schooling because it was a quiet day.

There were no lessons so everyone there was staff or regular volunteers.

I took my jacket off mid-shift because it was so warm.

It was a nice, quiet, sunny, warm day and I needed it.


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