Waiting and Out of Sorts

Last week the school where I applied to be a sub contacted me and told me my resume had been passed on to the upper school principal. The HR person said they expected they would contact me soon. That was a week ago. Still nothing. I hate waiting and wonder why they have not contacted me.

Did they look at my resume and decide they didn’t want me?

Are they good with subs at this point and I’m on file until that changes?

Did they decide this late in the school year they would just wait until next year to contact me?

Are they just too busy to get to it?

Meanwhile, I am trying to get back into some sort of groove with all of my schedule changes.

I picked up a Monday morning volunteer shift at the farm thinking it would be good to be there as just a volunteer and not a barn lead. The barn lead used my being there as a chance to leave early to get started on a trip. So, I ended up in charge anyway and didn’t leave until an hour after I was scheduled.

That meant one less day to have writing time in the morning hours which are my best hours. It usually means I write nothing at all.

My therapy sessions have moved to 9 am Thursday mornings and then I go straight to my backpack deliveries. That reduces my writing time as well.

With the Monday shift, that means today is the only day I have with nothing scheduled in the morning and only one of two where I don’t leave the house before 7. I feel more like sleeping and resting and less like I want to write anything.

When I don’t blather on in my blog about random things I feel out of sorts.

I need to get some sort of closure from the school.

I need to stop picking up extra morning barn shifts.

I need to get some sort of normal life schedule again.


12 thoughts on “Waiting and Out of Sorts

  1. That’s all really annoying to say the least. The school may not call until they actually need you. And you obviously are right, you shouldn’t sign up for any additional morning barn shifts, since they appear to take advantage of their volunteers too much. Of course, you could always announce that you have an appointment and can’t stay any later than the end of your shift. You do, in a way. You need to get back and write.

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    1. It is not the organization necessarily that takes advantage. It’s usually another volunteer lead who uses my presence to say they need to leave early. I do need to get better at saying no. If I had done to the office Monday and said I had to leave I’m sure the new barn coordinator would have handled the mid-morning feed.


  2. Schools in Florida are desperate for subs but often it you want to sub at a particular school in a good area, it is much harder to get on as a sub as they have parents of children going there willing to sub. Now, if it is lower income or in a funny area, whatever you will have your choice. At least, here.

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