I found on on Friday that a relatively new volunteer was hired for the job I briefly held at the farm. I’m glad they found someone else. I hope he finds the job is the right fit for him.

I got a text from the facilities manager Sunday morning asking if I still wanted to do facilities work as a volunteer on Monday mornings. They have two other volunteers doing facilities work Wednesday and Friday mornings. I opted to stop doing it and let the new guy do his job on Monday mornings.

It started immediately. so I had one less day at the farm this week. It’s good for me to let it go. If I do end up subbing I would need more availability anyway. It’s nice in the meantime to have another day I’m not leaving the house at 6:30 in the morning. Once I know about subbing and any schedule there I will start picking up random shifts as available.

My daughter starts school again today. She will be on campus two nights a week for classes. Hopefully, that will give us a chance to catch up on shows she doesn’t watch.

My wife went to the office two days last week and goes in again tomorrow. That might be an indication that she will be at the office more. It might not.

I might be out of the house more if I start subbing. I might not get hired.

All of these changes might make it easier for me to have a more consistent writing schedule. Now I just need to have something to write about.


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