Tater’s Week in Review 1/21/23

I’m still working out how and when I will do my week in review.

Will it move to Saturday morning permanently?

Will I write it Thursday afternoon and schedule it for Friday morning?

Will it still just be what I watched and read or will I include other things?

Time will tell. Until then, here is my rambling attempt this week.


I fell while taking down Christmas lights Monday afternoon. That changed my Tuesday to a day on the couch recovering. It did help with increasing my reading time, so I’ve got that going for me.

I finally contacted a friend who works at a local school about her thoughts on substitute teaching. Unless I chicken out. I will be sending in my resume next week. That will drastically alter my daily life and change how much and when I am at the barn.


Remember the Titans and The Replacements are two movies I will watch every time they are on TV. My daughter had never seen them, so I recorded them when they were on this week and we watched them. She says she liked them, but I think she might have just been being nice. I think she liked Remember the Titans and tolerated The Replacements. I still love them both.

TV News and Views

Cobra Kai will end after the upcoming 6th season. I think it is probably time.

This will be the last season of NCIS: LA. We will be down to the original recipe NCIS and Hawai’i next season unless they spin off to another city.

Taylor Kinney is taking a leave of absence from Chicago Fire. I think it might help the show. I like it better these days when it focuses on the newer, younger members of the show.

I watched the premiere of the new Night Court. I enjoyed it. I loved having John Larroquette back as Dan. I loved all of the connections to the old show. I do think it will get better once it moves past the nostalgia and becomes its own show. I think the bailiff is a little too quirky, but I can live with that.

We watched Alert: Missing Persons Unit. It’s a decent procedural. I will probably keep watching with my family. The mystery of the returning, possibly fake missing son of the lead characters spices it up a little. I do wonder why all the new procedurals have to have one member of the team, usually the tech person, who is “Wacky” in some way. This one has a team member who talks about her past lives and asks parents of missing kids if she can rub eggs on them for good luck.


I finished one book this week.

Image from Goodreads

Girl Forgotten by Karin Slaughter – this is the second in the Andrea Oliver series. In this one, Oliver has just graduated and become a US Marshall when her biological uncle she has never met pulls strings to have her assigned to a protection detail in her biological father’s hometown. He hopes that she can prove that her father killed a girl as a teen so he will not be released from prison. It all makes more sense if you read the first book, which I did when I started this one and realized it was a sequel.

I mostly liked the book. I was invested in the central mystery of who killed the girl. I think it would have been a better story if you took out all of the connections to the first book and let it be its own story. It didn’t need to be muddled with Andrea’s backstory and her cult leader dad. The mystery reveal was satisfying. I enjoy Slaughter’s work and will read more if I can find her stand-alone books.

On Deck

I have to read My Remarkable Journey by Katherine Johnson and The Eighth Detective by Alex Pavesi for two different book clubs this week. I guess I need to learn to read fast again.

Accused premieres on FOX tomorrow night. I will probably give it a look.


3 thoughts on “Tater’s Week in Review 1/21/23

  1. I’m glad there is one more season of cobra, but I agree it’s enough. Haven’t watched night court yet…I promised my husband I’d wait and he’s away this weekend

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  2. Don’t hesitate to send your resume in for substitute teaching. It’s not a commitment, but rather a step toward discussing the prospect and what it entails. It’s worth a try.

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