Never Read a Series Out of Order and More of My Reading Habits

Never Read a Series Out of Order

I went to the library recently and decided to pick up a book by Karin Slaughter. I had read one of her standalones and saw her Will Trent series was now a TV show so I wanted to read more. I picked up a book, read the description, thought it seemed like a standalone, took it home, and started reading it. I was in the second chapter when it became obvious it was a sequel. I immediately stopped reading, found the first book on Libby, and read it first.

Even if the series can be read out of order I will still make every effort to read the series in order. I hate to read a book and then realize it was not in the proper series order. Even if the stories are all separate, there might be character changes I would miss if I read them out of order. I just won’t do it.

I Generally Read One Book at a Time

I am reading two right now. One is a David Sedaris audio. The other is a print edition of Katherine Johnson’s memoir My Remarkable Journey. This is one of the only ways I will read two books at the same time. An audio and a print book that are completely different types of books. The only other time I break this rule is if I have a book I have to read for work or book club and I am in the middle of a book I am reading for fun. That is rare, though. Usually, I will just pause the book I am reading for fun until I read the obligation book.

I have two books I need to read for two book clubs. The book clubs are on back-to-back days next week. Even with that, I will read one of the books completely before opening the other book.

I Need Background TV Noise

I always read with the TV on if possible. I find it hard to read in complete silence. I find it hard to read while listening to music. The background light and noise from a TV are the perfect setting for me to read. I don’t know why that is. It’s just the way I’ve always read.

I do have some luck reading outside on my deck. The constant traffic in the background seems to be close enough to the TV noise to work for me. Same with reading in a public place. All of the people walking around and talking also seem to be adequate background stimulation.

I Always Use a Bookmark

My daughter never marks her place in a book. She apparently just remembers where she left off the last time she put the book down. She must be a witch. I need a bookmark or it takes me several minutes to leaf through the book to find my place. Always a bookmark, though, never dogear the pages.

Do you have any of these habits? Do you have any of your own to share?


11 thoughts on “Never Read a Series Out of Order and More of My Reading Habits

  1. I have to read a series in order. Every once in a while, I start one with a middle book by accident. I hate that. I read one paper format, one ebook format, and one audiobook format at the same time (well I read some of one, then another, and then the other, and so on). I also need a bookmark. I don’t like to damage the book in any way if I can help it. I like to keep my books as pristine as possible.

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  2. I would always have to read a series in order, but I usually seek out stand-alone, one-off stories. I know I’ll never keep up with a series as I don’t read a ton of books. The tv is on at all times for me reading or otherwise. And, I always use a bookmark. Just one less thing to think about!

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  3. Always use a bookmark and I try to read series in order especially if the main characters’ stories progress with each book. I can’t concentrate with music on unless it’s soft nature sounds. I was like that in school, parents had me do homework at the dining table without background noise until I was done so now I’ve continued the habit.

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