Trying to Find My Groove

I’m finding it hard to get back into a groove now that the holidays are over.

I was sick when I got back from Kentucky and spent my first three days on the couch in front of the TV. I missed two barn days and didn’t do much around the house.

My wife was still in Kentucky the first week I was back so it was just me and my daughter. She stays up late and sleeps late. I lost sleep trying to stay up with her at night.

My wife returned and I adjusted again with another person in the house.

I thought this week might get me back on track. And then I fell while trying to dismount from my porch railing after taking down Christmas lights.

I had to get up very early yesterday to pick my son up at the airport. As is usually the case, the soreness and pain from the fall were worse the next day and I was miserable on the drive home. I took ibuprofen, stayed home from the barn, and slept.

I still haven’t adjusted my writing time to my barn time. You have probably noticed that some days I only do the TV post. I never feel like writing when I get back from the barn.

The honeymoon at the barn is over. It feels more like a job now. I knew agreeing to be the lead volunteer one day a week might be a mistake. It’s much easier to enjoy when you just do the work and go home. Even on my Fridays when I’m not in charge I tend to end up being in charge and staying late to do the mid-morning feed. I need to find joy again.

What I need to get back on track:

A consistent schedule for everyone in the house. That will be easier when school starts again for my daughter.

Not falling and hurting myself.

A consistent writing time in the late morning/afternoon.

Flexibility to adjust to the inevitable changes.


10 thoughts on “Trying to Find My Groove

  1. Illness, falling, everything going random, all make it hard to get back into the old or start a new routine. Give it some time, and try not to stress about it. I know, easy for me to say.

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  2. The year has had a very stuttering start for me too. I’m still trying to pull it together, but am beginning to think what I actually need is to stop, rest, and take some time to reflect, rather than madly rush to simply do stuff – any stuff. Sorry to hear about the fall – that’s rotten for you.

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