My Week in Review on Hiatus

I planned to do my normal week in books, movies, and tv this morning but just wasn’t feeling it. I found no joy in the thought of slogging through it. I think that is a sign that it has come to an end.

I still want to do a regular post about what I’ve read, but I just don’t watch enough movies or new TV to feel like I have anything to write.

I’m still unclear on what direction to take.

Do I just do a weekly review of books and nothing else?

Do I do a general weekly wrap-up where I do the books but also random life stuff and current events?

I will ponder this week and see how I feel next week.

Any suggestions from the handful of people who read it would be welcome.


11 thoughts on “My Week in Review on Hiatus

  1. A less formally structured week in review might be more satisfying to write. You could plan to always recap your reading, then move on to any random topic that the events/nonevents of the week may inspire you to write about. But if you have nothing significant to report reading-wise, don’t stress about it.

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  2. If doing a scheduled, formal weekly round-up is too stressful (and believe me, I understand that feeling), than I’d just do an informal week in review where you talk about whatever. If you read a book, you can talk about the book. If you didn’t read a book, talk about whatever you want. The main thing is to make sure it’s something you’ll enjoy doing that won’t also feel like an obligation.

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