Tater on TV: What’s on Tonight 1/6/23

I realized this morning that I had been typing 22 instead of 23 on the dates of all of my TV posts. Oops. Here is your TV for tonight.


8pm – Shark Tank

9pm – 20/20


8pm – SWAT

9pm – Fire Country

10pm – Blue Bloods


8pm – WWE Friday Night Smackdown


8pm – Lopez vs Lopez

8:30pm – Young Rock

9pm – Dateline

Various Non-Streaming Options

Below Deck is on Bravo at 10.

Gold Rush is on Discovery at 8.

Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives is on Food Network at 9.

Ugliest House in America is on HGTV at 8 and 9 followed by House Hunters at 10.

Ancient Aliens is on History at 9 followed by The Proof is Out There at 10.

The season premiere of RuPaul’s Drag Race is on MTV at 8.

Cesar Milan’s Better Human Better Dog is on National Geographic at 9 followed by Magic of Disney’s Animal Kingdom at 10.

On the Premium Channels

The season premiere of BMF is on Starz at 8.

The series premiere of Boys in Blue is on Showtime at 8.

Tater’s Thoughts

We watch the CBS shows. Fire Country is my favorite new show. SWAT is still good. Blue Bloods is stale and needs a shake-up or a wrap-up.


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