Looking Ahead to the Rest of 2023

I never make any official resolutions. I feel like mine would be the same every year and I would feel like a failure each year when I have to keep making the same ones over and over again.

While not making official resolutions, I do have a few things I want to focus on for the year.

Read with no goals in mind

I did set a Goodreads reading goal. I set the same one as last year. I do it out of habit and because I like using Goodreads to track my reading. I want to stop caring about how many books I read and go back to just enjoying my reading. I want to get lost in books again. I want to find new favorites. I want to get out of my reading funk. I just want to read because I love reading.

On the road again

If all goes as planned, we will go to Egypt in May while my wife attends here conference that is supposed to be in person again for the first time in 2019. It’s great to have a possible trip already planned for me. I also want to take a solo trip to Kentucky in the spring and maybe again in the fall. I want to get back to NYC soon. I might try to get the family to go with me to Philadelphia for at least a day trip. I want to see the sunrise at the beach. I spend way too much time alone in my house. It’s time to get out.

Find community

I’ve done some things this year to get out there and meet people. I’m working at the barn. I joined a community book club. It’s a good start. It’s not enough. I like the barn work and I like the people there, but I feel like I’m not part of the group. I’m just some guy who volunteers there. I’m valued when I am there to do work and forgotten when I drive away. I like the book club, but I don’t see myself ever hanging out with any of them outside of the one hour a week. I don’t feel a sense of belonging at my church. It’s time to make more effort to find where I fit or admit I don’t fit anywhere.


I make no money writing on WordPress. I make just enough on Medium to pay for my membership fee with a couple of bucks left over. Everything else I do is volunteer work. I need to either accept this and be OK with it until I start drawing retirement or find a way to make money. I know that writing is not going to be a money-making avenue for me. I still think about substitute teaching. I could go back to a part-time job at a library. I like the sub idea more because it still gives me some control over my time and I would be guaranteed holidays and summers off. I still hesitate, though. I’m afraid I will suck and/or hate it and it’s easier to just not take the risk.

Put the screen down

This is closer to a real resolution. It’s just too easy to scroll mindlessly through Tik Tok, Facebook, Twitter, etc than to focus on reading. I spend way too much time looking at a screen and accomplishing nothing. If I am spending that much time online, I might as well become a Tik Tok star. It can’t be that hard, right?

So, that is where my head is at going into the new year. How about you?


17 thoughts on “Looking Ahead to the Rest of 2023

  1. I tried substitute teaching once, in my home town. It was a disaster! Of course, I was maybe 20 at the time and did not project much authority. Now might be different. I’ve developed my “don’t mess with me” voice.

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      1. Interestingly, it was the upper-track, college-prep classes that were the worst behavior-wise. It didn’t help that I was substituting for a man who was well over 6′ tall and had a very commanding presence. I had had him as a teacher when I was in high school.

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  2. Putting the screen down is one thing I need to work on. It’s so easy to go down rabbit holes and lose track of time. Not that you asked, but I think you ought to try substitute teaching. I haven’t done it myself, but there’s such a shortage of teachers everywhere and you just might end up liking it and being great at it. You will never know unless you try!

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  3. Super cool that you are going to Egypt! That is on my bucket list! And I totally agree with you about the mindless screentime, as I have the exact same problem. About making money… you are a very skilled writer and I enjoy your content very much. Have you considered maybe editing or copywriting for others? You can do it freelance and at your discretion with a service like Fiverr or something like that. Good luck!

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