My Favorite TV of 2022

I’m tired and stressed about my trip tomorrow, but I wanted to get this one done before I leave. It is going to be very much a free-flow, top-of-the-head list. It would probably be different if I wrote it another day.

Also, this is just TV I watched in 2022 not necessarily released in 2022.

1, Stranger Things Season 4 – It was a long wait for the newest season and it didn’t disappoint. I loved almost everything about the season. Eddie was a great addition to the cast. Argyle, not so much. I loved the Master of Puppets scene. The only bad thing is that now I have to wait for more.

2. Sex Education – I was late getting to this one so I had three seasons to watch. It was the perfect show for the week I was home alone with no AC. I needed something to take my mind off of the heat and this show did it. A perfect cast. Great humor. I can’t wait to see Gatwa as the doctor. Also, I was a little in love with Maeve. Who wouldn’t be?

3. Wednesday – I’m listing this one even though I still have two episodes to watch. I was never that into the Addams Family. I thought I might watch this because it sounded interesting. I expected to wait a while. Then my daughter wanted us to watch with her. It is so much better than I expected Jenna Ortega is perfect as Wednesday. It has humor, mystery, and horror. Three of my favorite things. I love that Christina Ricci has a small role in it.

4. Ghosts – Our favorite network comedy. I was a fan of Rose McIver from iZombie and watched mainly because of her. It is a very good ensemble cast. I love all of the Ghosts. Utkaresh Ambudkar does a great job as the husband who has to deal with not being able to see the people his wife talks to. An overall great show.

5. Sex Lives of College Girls – I just finished season two. When talking to my daughter about favorite characters I said that all of them are terrible people in some ways. How I feel about each of them varies from episode to episode. Like real life. I am fully invested in their lives. though.

6. Big Shot – John Stamos does a good job as the disgraced college basketball coach who has to take a job as a high school girls’ basketball coach, but it is the team that makes the show. Nell Verlaque is the star as Louise, the star of the team and the daughter of the booster whose name is on the gym. It is very much a Disney show, but I enjoyed it.

7. Fire Country – Max Theriot stars as an inmate assigned to a firefighting camp. The camp happens to be in his hometown where he works fires alongside his dad a friend turned enemy. There is a lot of family drama, but there are also some very good firefighting scenes. I love a good firefighter show and this is a good one.

8. Reginald the Vampire – I love vampire shows and this one was very good. What happens when a vampire is shunned because of his looks? What if that vampire is special and has a never before seen power? Jacob Batalon is great as Reginald, the new vampire who just wants to live a normal life and date his human girlfriend. Mandela Van Peebles is very good as his sire. A great cliffhanger ending after the season one story was resolved.

9. House of the Dragon – I read the books long before Game of Thrones was a TV show. I was happy to go back to this universe. It was more fun to watch because my daughter watched it with me. I wasn’t a fan of all of the time jumps and cast changes. I liked the original people and was sad not to get much time with them. It was very well done.

10. So Help Me Todd – Just a fun, case-of-the-week, detective show. Skylar Astin and Marcia Gay Harden are great as the mother-son duo who work together on cases at her law firm. They do a good job with a mix of cases. Some are life and death. Some less so. It is one of the better new networks shows this year.


4 thoughts on “My Favorite TV of 2022

  1. Stranger Things was worth the wait…but of course…now there is more waiting. At least there will be more to come, and grateful for that. I am halfway through Wednesday and am loving it. It is very cool Ricci has a role. I bailed on Reginald but you are making me think about revisiting that. Three episodes in, it hadn’t wowed me. House Of The Dragon…I liked some things about it, but will have to decide after a couple of next season’s episodes if it is going to be an active watch. Jury still out on that one for me.

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