My 2022 In Review

The next in my year-in-review posts will be a review of my life in 2022.


In January I started volunteering at Maryland Therapeutic Riding. I started on Friday and Saturday mornings. I had no clue what I was doing as I had no horse experience at all.

Not much else happened. We celebrated birthdays in February and March. I settled into my new schedule. My wife continued to work mostly from home. My kids were both in school at UMD.


The big event of the spring was my daughter’s graduation from college. I’m happy that she was able to have a normal, in-person graduation.

We also toured the Mormon Temple outside of Washington DC while it was open to the public. I have seen it from the beltway for years. It was nice to have the chance to go see what it was like on the inside.


In early June I flew home to go to my nephew’s wedding shower. It was nice to have an extra trip home to see my siblings before the regular family trip. On the way to the shower, we stopped at the Everly Brothers Memorial and Museum. It was much more interesting than I was expecting.

We went back to Kentucky in July for our family trip. I love the summer family day when we all hang out at my brother’s pool and play games. It’s my favorite day of the year. We also continued the annual tradition of kayaking. The first year the water was probably too high and fast. The second year was too low and slow. This year we got close to just right.


We returned to Kentucky again in September for my nephew’s wedding. I love that I saw family so much this year. It was needed after the last two years. Unfortunately, we had to make it a quick trip as both kids needed to be back for school.

We went to our annual Braves game when they were in DC playing the Nationals. We went to two games this year since the Nats ran a special related to the Home Run Derby and I was able to get them for $6 each. We won one and lost one. It’s always fun to be at the ballpark.

I briefly took a job at the farm where I volunteer, realized I hated the job and went back to my volunteer spot.

I did my normal November service month. I served food at a dance party at GiGi’s Playhouse. I cleaned out a food pantry so the place could be painted. I worked at a drive-up food pantry. I sorted diapers. I worked the Toys For Tots truck. I think I might volunteer to do more work at GiGi’s and I might go back to work at the food pantry when I am free.

We had our normal quiet Thanksgiving at home. Our Christmas decorations are up. I’m ready to head out again to spend Christmas with family.

It was a good year. I found a place I like that gets me out of the house and active. I saw family a lot. Here’s hoping for an even better 2023.


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