My Week in Books, Movies, and TV 12/17/22

Welcome to my last weekly recap until after the holidays. Maybe after the break, I will have an idea of how to revamp or I will decide I’m OK with it as is. Any suggestions are welcome.


We watched Vengeance this week. BJ Novak stars as a writer from New York who is looking for an idea for a podcast. He receives a call from the family of a woman he had hooked up with a couple of times telling him she has died of an overdose. They think he is her boyfriend so they ask him to come to Texas for the funeral. While there, he starts working on a podcast about their belief that she was murdered.

I liked this one a lot. Novak is perfect in the lead. That makes sense considering he wrote it. It was funny at times. It does a good job of showing the contrast between Novak and small-town Texans without insulting the small-town life. It was very good and I would recommend it to everyone.


The Survivor finale aired this week. I liked this season and thought the cast was very good. It was all ruined by a terrible winner. It was obvious the jury was bitter and did not want to reward the person who deserved the win. The person they gave the money did nothing to deserve it when compared to the other two in the finals. The show needs so serious retooling to get it back to what it once was.

We watched all of our favorite Christmas specials and movies. Year Without a Santa Claus is still our favorite. I still love Miracle on 34th Street.

I finished season 2 of Sex Lives of College Girls. I thought it was a good season. I liked that it ended with some conflict and questions about the state of the friendships.

I was underwhelmed by this season of White Lotus and the finale.


I finished one book this week.

Racing the Light by Robert Crais – this is the latest in the Elvis Cole and Joe Pike series. This one is more focused on Elvis. He is hired to find the missing person: podcaster Josh Shoe. His mom gives Elvis an envelope of cash and theories of government conspiracies. Elvis soon discovers that other people are looking for Josh and it becomes a race to find and protect him before they do.

I like Elvis and Joe. I enjoyed being back in their world. I didn’t like the story as much this time. I like it better when the cases are simpler and not full of criminals from other countries, hired killers, and government scandals. Crais still makes it an enjoyable ride with great main characters.

On Deck

This is travel week for me, so my viewing will be mostly random stuff I find on TV when I’m not working at the farm or getting ready for the trip.

I am about to finish Triple Cross by James Patterson.

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