My Year in Blogging 2022

It’s that time of year. It’s time for me to start doing year-in-review posts. This one seemed like a good one to do while I have a few minutes between lunch and the World Cup. Here is my year in blogging.

This year I had 17.201 views. That is down about 20% from last year, which makes sense considering I have not been as consistent this year.

My Top Five Posts

1. News From My Past – Where I wrote about my former terrible boss being moved to an admin position in diversity and inclusion. What a joke.

2. An Example of Toxic Productivity – Where I wrote about a letter to an advice column in the newspaper in which a guy complained that his wife was “wasting time” during lockdown instead of being as productive as him.

3. When Your Meme Shows Your Privilege and Bias – In which I show how a meme that was going around trying to shame people who complained about gas prices actually showed how privileged and biased the people sharing it are.

4. Volunteering to Go Back to Volunteering – Where I talk about my decision to leave the job at the farm soon after starting.

5. Bookish A-Z Book Tag – A book tag asking book-related questions from each of the letters of the alphabet.

Where My Readers Are

Most of my views come from the US, but I get quite a few views from other places. Here are the places where I have at least 100 views from in order from most to least.

  1. United States – 11.9K
  2. United Kingdom – 1351
  3. India – 1120
  4. Canada – 511
  5. Nigeria – 240
  6. South Africa – 171
  7. Germany – 151
  8. Philippines – 139
  9. Kenya – 116
  10. Romania – 106
  11. Bahrain – 102

Thanks for reading my posts this year!

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