What Is Taking My Reading Time

It is almost the end of the year. I might make it to 55 books read this year. That’s not bad, but I used to make it to 100 books every year. My ability to focus on a book changed during lockdown and I never made it back to where I was before. Instead, other things have taken the reading time.

Here is a list of the things I do when I could be reading:

  1. Watch TV – this is an easy one. I always have shows recorded. I have multiple streaming services. I have FIOS with hundreds of channels. I can always find something to watch.
  2. Games – I play Wordle, Worldle, Phrazle, Weaver, Globle, Factle, Factle Sports, and the daily challenge on the Spelltower app every day. I also spend a lot of time doing mayor and design challenges on Sim City Build It.
  3. TikTok – Nice, short videos. My feed is finally mostly humor.
  4. Other social media – It’s too easy to just scroll through Facebook and Twitter even when nothing is interesting there.
  5. The farm – 9 hours is a lot less than the 40 I spent at work, but I also read for work and was not quite as tired as I am after farm work.

That’s pretty much it All things I can do without much focus or thought. I will try to change that in the new year.


8 thoughts on “What Is Taking My Reading Time

  1. Games are my downfall. Since my TV is in my bedroom, I don’t watch much, if at all, during the day. But games I can do on my iPad whenever and wherever, so I sometimes don’t read when I could. I do, however, get a lot more read by listening to audiobooks because I can listen while I drive, cook, exercise, almost anything.

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