My Week in Books, Movies, and TV 12/3/22

Another Saturday edition of my weekly recap. I’m still working out my writing schedule now that I’m back to my old volunteer schedule. I’m still thinking about a way to continue some form of this but in a better way.


We watched the latest Scream movie. My daughter loves the Scream franchise. I’m surprised we waited this long to watch it. In the new movie, a new group of teens is being targeted by a killer in the Ghostface mask. Eventually, Sydney, Dewey, and Gail are all involved in the case. It was a good addition to the franchise. The new characters have connections to the original. We figured out the killers early, but it was still fun getting there.

The survivors from the new group will be in a new movie set in NYC. Neve Campbell will not be returning.


It was not a particularly exciting week in TV for me. It was mostly watching new episodes of my regular shows.

We did watch the first episode of Wednesday on Netflix. I liked it and will watch more. I just need to find a time when I am awake and my family is ready to watch TV.

I watched the first episode of the new season of Sex Lives of College Girls on HBO Max. I hope the new season is as good as the first.

I finished the second season of The Mighty Ducks series on Disney Plus. It was your typical Disney fare with a happy ending, but I still enjoyed it.

We only have one episode of Amazing Race left and I like all three remaining teams. It has been a while since I’ve not had a team to root against in the finale.


I finished one book this week.

Boys From Biloxi by John Grisham – Grisham tells the story of the intertwining lives of the Malco and the Rudy families in Biloxi. Hugh Malco and Keith Rudy play little league baseball together and are the stars of the team. Hugh’s dad owns clubs where illegal gambling, drinking, and prostitution take place. Keith’s dad becomes the DA on the promise of shutting these clubs down. Eventually, Keith and Hugh drift apart. Hugh joins the family business. Keith goes to law school and moves back to Biloxi to follow in his dad’s footsteps.

It took me a while to get into this one. There is a lot of setup as we see Malco’s rise and Rudy’s decision to go to law school. It picks up when Jesse Rudy starts targeting the clubs as DA. It gets even better when Keith is the DA and Hugh is in charge of the family business. I do feel like it could have been shorter and a lot of the details of the cases and other things could have been trimmed down. I would recommend it to people who like Grisham with a mix of historical fiction.

On Deck

We will probably start watching the Christmas specials this week.

My son did not bring the Vengeance DVD with him last night, so I might not get to a movie this week unless it is a Hallmark Christmas movie.

The Amazing Race finale is on Wednesday night.

I have 15 minutes left on the audio of Happy Go Lucky by David Sedaris.

I am also reading Racing the Light by Robert Crais.


6 thoughts on “My Week in Books, Movies, and TV 12/3/22

  1. I read the book a few weeks back. I haven’t read a Grisham book in a while and this one was one of his better efforts. I’m also reading some of the Philip Roth books I missed. It’s a shame there are not many good authors out there these days and we have to go back ten to twenty years for good writing.

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