What’s Good in Tater Town 11/27/22

It was a different Thanksgiving week this year with my wife out of town until Wednesday night. Let’s look at the good.

  1. My MIL was released from the hospital on Sunday.
  2. It was break week at MTR so the barn shifts were mostly calm.
  3. Two Kentucky basketball games on TV.
  4. World Cup soccer to watch in the afternoon.
  5. Free coffee at Wawa on Tuesday.
  6. I got done what I wanted to get done before my wife was home again.
  7. My wife made it home safely Wednesday night.
  8. A nice Thanksgiving at home with just us, the kids, and my son’s girlfriend.
  9. We got the outside Christmas lights up yesterday while it was sunny and warm.
  10. Kentucky football beat Louisville yesterday. Ls Down.

That’s all I’ve got for this week. Hope yours was a good one.

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