An Interesting Morning at the Barn

I will do my weekly recap tomorrow. Today, a short post about my morning.

It was a dreary, damp morning. The horses were out which made things easier to start. Breakfast went as usual.

After we finished that task I was talking to another volunteer before heading to the hay barn. He was showing me why the water tank wouldn’t work to fill the waters without the motor because of how the hoses were connected.

At one point in the conversation, he stopped talking, wobbled a bit, and fell to his knees. He never went completely out. He was able to get up with help and sit down. He eventually called his daughter to come to get him and he is getting checked out now. He just ran a marathon recently, so he was the last one we expected to have a health issue.

We never got the water going. The cube we use when the water tank is off for the winter has a crack in it. I ended up driving back and forth with buckets to make sure the water troughs had enough water to last the horses until someone fills them up again. Probably me on Monday.

After the health issue, we never really got back on track with the morning plan. I eventually left at 10:30 when a new group arrived to take over.

I also found out another horse broke a fence. I’m glad I left the job. Everything seems to be falling apart and I’m happy not to be the person who has to deal with all of it.


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