Drinks Galore – My Month in the Panera Ultimate Sip Club

My book club meets monthly at Panera. Before last month’s meeting, I was reminded that I could do a free month’s trial of the Panera Ultimate Sip Club. I decided I might as well do it. At the very least I could get a free coffee at the book club. Here are my thoughts on the month.

The Cost

After the free trial, it is $11.99 a month

What You Get

Free iced and hot coffee

Free iced and hot tea

Free fountain beverages

Free charged lemonades

These are free in any size every two hours with unlimited refills while in the cafe

My Thoughts

I thought I would use it mainly for coffee. It turns out we used it more for the charged lemonades. They are very good. I would order one for me or my daughter whenever we were at or going past the shopping center where our Panera is located. They are usually $3.89 for a regular and $4.29 for a large. Of course, we always got a large.

I also started going to Panera before or after my backpack deliveries on Thursday to read and drink coffee. A couple of times I also bought a pastry.

Today, I had coffee before the deliveries. After the deliveries, I was close to Panera so I got a lemonade for my daughter. I will be back down there for dinner so I will get myself a lemonade to drink with dinner.

It didn’t work for my wife because they serve Pepsi and she will only drink Coke.

We have enjoyed having these drinks as an option when we are out.

Will I Continue After the Trial

I won’t. If I was someone who was buying these drinks out anyway it would definitely be worth it.

If I was back in my life before when I stopped for coffee multiple times a week I would definitely do this.

If I was someone who worked from a table at Panera it would be a no-brainer.

If they served Coke we would probably do it because my wife buys a Coke out several times a week.

As it is, we are only getting the drinks because they are an option. We were not buying them before the trial. I’m not sure it makes sense to pay $11.99 a month just so we can go get lemonades or coffee. Maybe my family will disagree.


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