My Week of Failure in Books, Movies, and TV 11/4/22

I failed at watching any movies and finishing a book.

I also failed at watching anything on TV worth writing about.

I failed at writing this yesterday to post this morning.

I considered failing at writing it today, but I did want to write about the struggles I had with the book I am reading, so here we are.


I did watch the first episode of the new season of White Lotus on HBO. I know people were happy that Jennifer Coolidge is back again but she was my least favorite character last season. I do think her assistant will be a fun character to watch this season.

I caught up on Reginald the Vampire. I like it a lot. I do feel old watching a show starring the adult son of Mario Van Peebles.

I officially cut Chucky from my watch list this week after I realized last week that I was doing everything but watching it when it was on.


I started reading What Happened to the Bennetts by Lisa Scottoline. I usually love Lisa’s work. I’ve struggled with this one. The general plot is that a family is carjacked. The event results in the death of a crime boss’s son. The crime boss thinks the dad killed him so the FBI swoops in to take the family into protective custody and eventually witness protection.

The family annoys me. I know they went through trauma and the tragedy of the death of a kid. All of the grief is normal. The actions of the 12-year-old are normal. Other things annoy me.

The wife is furious that she can’t contact her friends on Facebook to let them know why they disappeared. They might die if she does, but that isn’t as important as logging into Facebook to see what her friends are saying about them. She’s mad that her husband is nice to the FBI people protecting them.

The dad wants to play amateur detective and find out everything he can about the guy who did it. Leading to a decision that drives the events of the second half of the book. Events that I’m afraid will be unrealistic.

I like Lisa, though, so I am going to stick with it until the end.

On Deck

I still never watched Everything Everywhere All At Once. Maybe this weekend.

Same with Doctor Who.

I will continue reading What Happened to the Bennetts.


7 thoughts on “My Week of Failure in Books, Movies, and TV 11/4/22

  1. The “What happened to the Bennetts” reminds me of the old movie and TV show The Net. The movie starred Sandra Bullock and the TV show starred a friend of mine, Joseph Bottoms. What I remember about it was trying to find a place to log onto the “net” and then having to run because it exposed her location.

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