Tater on TV: Ranking the New TV Shows I’ve Watched

I’ve only done a couple of reviews of the new TV shows this year for various reasons. Instead of going back and trying to do reviews I’ve decided to rank the shows I’ve watched from best to worst. I am only including shows from the broadcast networks to make it easier.

1. Fire Country

Inmate gets assigned to a prisoner fire brigade and is sent to the camp in his hometown where his estranged parents are firefighters. It has firefighter action, family drama, romance, etc. I like it a lot and I’ve always been a fan of Max Thieriot who created and stars in the show.

2. So Help Me Todd

Suspended PI goes to work for his lawyer mom to pay back the money she has loaned him. They work together to solve her cases. Skylar Astin and Marcia Gay Harden are why this show works. Their dynamic is perfect. It has a weekly mystery infused with comedy and some family drama. It comes close to filling the Psych sized hole in my life.

3. Quantum Leap

I loved the original show. It would be hard for a new one to measure up. The lead is starting to grow on me. I think the addition of a mystery leaper will help. I’m not sure how I feel about seeing so much of what is happening back home. I think the original worked because it was simple. Just Sam and Al fixing things that once went wrong. This one is missing the charm of the original, but it works OK for what it is.

4. The Winchesters

I never watched Supernatural. I watched this one because the previews looked good and I liked the lead when she was in American Housewife. I am enjoying it. I feel like it works for someone who didn’t watch Supernatural because it is a prequel. The young people fighting demons give me a Buffy vibe.

5. East New York

A decent cop show that I seem to fall asleep during when my family watches it. The cast seems a little big. I like Jimmy Smits and Richard Kind. It’s nice to see them in a show together. If you like cop shows you will like this one.

6. Alaska Daily

I like the story. Disgraced, a famous reporter goes to Alaska for a fresh start to look into the disappearance of native girls. Smaller stories covered by the other reporters at the paper. Oscar winner Hillary Swank stars. It should work. But, Swank’s character is very unlikable and it ruins what could be a good show.

7. Monarch

Susan Sarandon and Trace Atkins are the couple at the head of a country music dynasty. One daughter looks poised to take center stage when her mom is terminally ill. The other sister looks like she might take it from her. Some flashbacks and flash-forwards hint at secrets and possibly murder. I was one and done with it. I just didn’t care.

Have you watched any of the new shows? Which ones are your favorites?


7 thoughts on “Tater on TV: Ranking the New TV Shows I’ve Watched

  1. Quantum and Todd which I enjoy, but I’m not marrying either of them yet. I worry that QL could easily jump the shark, and I need some growth from Todd, though I always enjoy a character that neve4 shows up, so Todd’s brother could add some fun to the dinners.

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      1. I hope they downplay the ex. That’s overused. But otherwise, I like the mom and Todd because they have great chemistry. It’s a good combo


  2. The Winchesters Episode 3 last night was I think the best one so far. As a Supernatural disciple, I am encouraged by what I continue to see. I think new folks jumping in who don’t know Supernatural at all would still be intrigued, like yourself. Have not seen the others, though you have me intrigued by So Help Me Todd in mentioning Psych. That got my attention! Big fan of that show.

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