First Real Day of Work Report

Even though I went in for a couple of hours last week, yesterday was what I consider my first real day at work since I am starting my regular schedule.

While I am on my 6-hours-a-week schedule I will mainly be doing the same things I was already doing on Monday mornings. So, yesterday was no different than last week except I am now being paid. The only real change is that while I am waiting for the water tank to refill I have to be productive since they are paying me.

Still, I was just as nervous as if I was starting a brand new job. And, of course, I had issues with equipment that I typically don’t have.

I was dragging the last arena when the drag I was using started messing it up more than fixing it. I had to stop, drop that drag, and figure out how to hook up the drag I used with the Gatot to the tractor.

I got that done and moved on to filling the water troughs. But, the engine on the water tank wouldn’t start right away. Once I did get it started, I drove out to the first field only to find it had quit again. After many tries, I finally got it started and got the water done. But, those delays meant a late start filling the tank, so I left later than I should have.

Also, the pay system still says I don’t exist.

It’s still all good though. I love the place and the people. Little annoyances are sure to pop up in any job.

Now, I just need to adjust to writing later in the day.


7 thoughts on “First Real Day of Work Report

  1. All things considered, it can only improve, right? It’s nice to get paid now for what you’ve been doing for free. They obviously decided that you would make a good permanent addition to the staff.

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