What’s Good in Tater Town 10/16/22

Besides the job news, it was another week that was a lot like all of the weeks that have come before. Let’s look at the good.

  1. I was able to sell my Ravens tickets and avoid losing sleep to go to a night game alone.
  2. The Ravens won and are in first place in the division.
  3. My wife and daughter returned safely from Kentucky.
  4. The series didn’t end the way I wanted, but I had Braves baseball to watch all week.
  5. I was offered and accepted a part-time job at the place I volunteer.
  6. My flurry of yard work and cleaning I did Sunday and Monday gave me the chance to relax more this week.
  7. Free coffee and M&Ms at Royal Farms and free coffee at Dunkin this week.
  8. I had nice weather for all of my barn shifts.
  9. It rained while I was loading my backpacks for delivery on Thursday, but stopped when I got to the school to unload.
  10. Kentucky finally won again last night.

That’s all I can remember for this week. Hope yours was a good one.

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