My Favorite Time Of Year

We are almost halfway through October.

We are getting very close to my favorite time of year. In a little over two weeks I will sit on the front porch handing out candy to trick-or-treaters. I’m happy that we have had more families with younger kids move onto the street this year. Our numbers for Halloween should be up.

After Halloween, we start the countdown to Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is a nice, calm holiday for us. We stay home. It’s just us and the kids(and anyone in a package deal with our kids) I watch the parade in the morning. I watch football in the afternoon(except when we are eating and I am cleaning up after). It’s just a nice, quiet day with family and food.

The stretch between Thanksgiving and Christmas is great. Christmas music is on the radio. The lights are up. Christmas movies and specials are on TV. People seem to be nicer. We now have a street near us that is a Christmas lights destination, so that will be a fun new tradition.

It is all capped with a trip to Kentucky and celebrations with family.

I’m hoping this will help me shake the funk I’ve been in the last few weeks.


10 thoughts on “My Favorite Time Of Year

  1. I love Thanksgiving. It’s always been an extended-family celebration that includes my birthday. This year I’ll be in Seattle with Jane’s family and all the other grandparents. It should be interesting.

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  2. We have entered my favorite time of year as well. Halloween still brings out the trick or treaters, and then once the calendar flips to November there is Thanksgiving, bringing on an extended weekend with extended waistlines. Lots of food. Of course, the Christmas movies and music is already underway, and takes us on a lovely ride to Christmas. There are also a ton of sports on TV, and I squeeze them in as well.

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