My 5 Most Read Posts So Far This Year

I started and discarded another post this morning. I was looking forward to today because I thought I would have all morning to gather my thoughts and write. Instead, I remembered I have an appointment to take a car in for recall work. I will have to leave at the time I am writing when I am not at the barn. So, instead, here is a summary post of my top writing for 2022.

1. News From My Past – The post where I talk about y former homophobic boss being moved to a position where she has diversity and inclusion in her title.

2. When Your Meme Shows Your Privilege and Bias – In which I dissect a popular meme about gas prices after several people posted it on Facebook.

3. An Example of Toxic Productivity – In which I discuss a letter written to a newspaper advice column where a man complains that his wife used the pandemic to relax instead of working harder like him. They are now divorced.

4. Bookish A-Z Book Tag – A fun A-Z book thing. You should do it.

5. Some Medium Drama – A post about the disappearance of the Coffee Times publication on Medium after the owner approved and published a very homophobic article. It was surprising because I had written for them and read other articles and never thought they would publish such an article.

I’m always surprised by the posts that get the most views. Sometimes the ones I think will be popular get no reads and other random ones have bug numbers. I still get way more reads here than Medium.


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