I have been home alone since Wednesday. I’ve found it increasingly harder to be motivated to do anything. Here’s a day-by-day of home alone this time.

Wednesday – I had made the decision early that I would take that day as a rest/read/TV day. By the time my family got on the road, I walked the dog and ate lunch it was easy because the day was half over. I watched the Masked Singer somewhat live and then the Goldbergs.

Thursday – delivered backpacks for Backpack Buddies. Had a thing at 1 that I thought I would write about by now, but is still not settled. Went to the liquor store for bourbon. Not sure yet if that was a celebratory drink or a drown my sorrows of rejection drink. Hopefully, I will have an answer soon. Watched Grey’s live.

Friday – barn shift in the morning. Finished around 10. Walked the dog. Drove a little ways away from home for lunch to use a free sandwich reward I got for downloading a restaurant app while we were in Kentucky. Got home late enough in the afternoon to justify doing nothing. Watched Quantum Leap and amazing Race since my family watched them while they were away.

Saturday – went to the library to get a book that was on hold for me. Talked to a friend I haven’t seen in a while. Mowed the yard. Watched Alaska Daily and Blue Bloods. Watched Kentucky football look very bad against South Carolina.

Sunday – Decided to stay up when my dog woke me up very early. Watched SNL and Bring It On: Cheer Or Die before going to church. Spent the day not wanting to go to the game alone because night games are very complicated transportation-wise and I would get home very late. Right when I was about to leave the tickets sold so I watched at home. Spent the rest of the day watching football.

Today – Worked at the barn from 7-10. Glad I was able to go to bed when the game ended last night because I am very tired today. Watched John Oliver. Walking Dead and Fire Country. Writing this boring synopsis of my time alone to avoid doing the work I need to get done.

I really need to vacuum and do a little more cleaning today. I would rather take a nap.


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