What’s Good in Tater Town 10/9/22

I’ve been home alone since Wednesday. I have too many home alone weeks this year and I’m sure more are coming. Let’s look for the good.

  1. I made it through almost three quarters at the Ravens game before it started raining hard enough for me to decide to head home.
  2. The cold, rainy days and the coming home alone days gave me an excuse to not do much more than sitting on the couch under a blanket.
  3. My son was here for dinner Monday night.
  4. The Braves clinched the NL East and a first-round bye on Tuesday.
  5. The playoffs mean baseball is on in the afternoons.
  6. The rain finally stopped Wednesday after 5 days.
  7. Nice weather meant a nice easy barn shift after two harder ones in the rain.
  8. I had a free chicken sandwich from Slim Chicken for signing up for the app so I drove to the one in the area to get lunch Friday.
  9. I got the yard work done yesterday so I can spend more time watching football today.

That’s all I can think of this week. Hope yours was a good one.

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