Alone Again 2: Electric Boogaloo

Apparently. I wrote about being home alone while my family was away at this time 5 years ago. It seems like when we are not in a pandemic this is a time for my family to travel. It makes sense since they have gone to Kentucky for my MIL’s birthday. 5 years ago would also have been a milestone birthday for her.

Also wrote about being alone here and here.

Part of me looks forward to the alone time.

I can get things done around the house without worrying about making too much noise while my wife works.

I can read without interruption.

I can watch what I want without interruption.

I can eat what I want when I want without caring about what anyone else wants for dinner.


Eventually, I run out of shows I watch alone.

I get tired of reading.

I feel like cooking anything not easy is a waste of time when it is only me.

I realize that I have no friends to hang out with.

I have no one to go to the football game with me.

I stay at home instead of going out to get food.

The hours grow long and I have no idea what to do with myself.

Fortunately. I do have some things on my schedule.

I have my backpack deliveries this morning.

I have something this afternoon that I will eventually write about.

I have a barn shift tomorrow morning.

I have the Kentucky football game to watch Saturday night.

I have church and the Ravens game on Sunday.

I have another barn shift Monday morning.

My family returns Monday night.

I like my alone time, but I like my alone time on a limited basis.


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