A Quick Sun Deprived Note

The HVAC people are supposedly on the way to repair the heater. That usually means they are at least 30 minutes away and will sit in the driveway for another ten before they knock on the door. I won’t attempt to write anything coherent until later when I am home alone. But, I have time for a quick note on the lack of sun.

It started raining here Friday afternoon. It has been cloudy and rainy since then.

That means we have had over 4 days with no sunshine.

Four days of cold, cloudy, dreary weather.

I sat in the rain to watch a good amount of the Ravens game Sunday afternoon.

I’ve worked outside at the barn two days in a row in the cold and the wet.

Yesterday, it was heavier rain and I sloshed through puddles of mud and wet horse manure.

Our heat is out so the house is cold.

All I want to do is curl up on the couch under a blanket and watch TV.

That is my plan for the day once I am alone.

That, and maybe a review of Interview with the Vampire and possibly East New York,


6 thoughts on “A Quick Sun Deprived Note

  1. It has rained here since Saturday, very hard at times. I assume the first part of this was from Hurricane Ian, We also had the heat on for a bit at night. It’s good to know our heat is in working order before its scheduled maintenance check next month. The good news is two fold – we did need the rain (although not this much)…and after today “they” are calling for no rain for almost a week. Hope all goes well with the heater.

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  2. We’ve been fortunate out here in that yesterday morning and early afternoon were sunny and we’ve had very little rain since Sunday. But it’s been quite chilly, and I turned my heat on a couple of weeks ago.

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  3. There’s no doubting that a bit of sunshine – especially in the cooler months – is an elixir for lifting the mood. Glad to hear that your heating is back on.

    They sit in the driveway for 10 minutes before knocking? If that’s the norm, then I luck out with our heating guy who’s all energy and rush, rush, rush.

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