Things Get In the Way

I’ve been off lately with my writing.

I wrote last week about how I got a text on the way home that the internet and electricity were messed up. We got that fixed.

This week was the week I planned to get back on track.

I did do my regular Sunday posts.

Yesterday I was lazy after the barn and did a very short, mediocre TV review.

Today, I was at the barn an hour later than normal due to extra work with the bad weather. I got home to find out the HVAC company was coming to inspect the furnace and figure out why it made a loud humming sound when we turned it on.

It turns out the furnace needs a new motor so now tomorrow I am stuck at home until they come back to replace that.

Maybe I can use that time to bombard the internet with more mediocre reviews of new shows.


3 thoughts on “Things Get In the Way

  1. Was that last sentence actually supposed to be more new reviews of mediocre shows ? Because, If you’re really not enjoying what you’re writing maybe you should take a break and rethink what your blog should be about. It sucks reading how hard you are on yourself.


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