Fast Food Customer Service Fails

For various reasons, I have had reason to experience customer service at a few fast food places recently. Two of those places had customer service fails.

One redeemed themselves with a response to my response to the “how did we do” survey.

One failed furher by never responding.

Burger King

My daughter still loves Burger King nuggets. I have the app and have a wekly “free fried with purchase” thing. I can get 8 nuggets and a large fry for $2. Recently, I ordered this for her, picked the drive-thru as the pickup, and stopped to pick up the food.

I sat in the drive-thru for 20 minutes. A car in front of me sat at the windo waiting for their food for 20 minutes. I don’t know what happened to their order, but instead of asking them to move forward to wait and help others, we all had to wait.

When I finally got to the first window to pay the worker ignored me and didn’t open the window. I thought maybe he knew I had paid on the app and that is why he ignored me so I pulled forward. He then opened his wondow and yelled at me for not paying.

I did eventually get the food. While I was waiting, I went to the app and used the online form to report the issues. They responded right away and gave me a $5 off reward in the app.


We stopped at Wendy’s near Cumberland, Maryland on the way home from Kentucky recently. I ordered ahead for dining in hoping to speed things up.

We got to the restaurant and I was pretty much ignored as I waited for the food. Someone did eventually ask if I was waiting for a mobile order. I confirmed and then waited and waited.

I finally asked if they could at least confirm that my order went through. I was then told that it went through but I would have to wait because all Door Dash orders took priority over regular customers.

I did eventually get my food. While waiting I also filled out their “how did we do” thing on the app.

I never received a response. I guess Wendy’s is doing enough business that they don’t need to care about service issues.


6 thoughts on “Fast Food Customer Service Fails

      1. I used to go to Taco Bell, Del Taco or Carl’s Jr a few times a week because we lived less than a mile away. Today I checked and the nearest fast food is a 20 minute drive. So, I rarely go unless I’m on an errand for something else.

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