Still Off Track

I wrote last week about my day going off track.

I did get the housework stuff done that I wanted to get done. I didn’t do any of the writing I had planned.

I moved my regular Friday post to Saturday. I’m considering making that a permanent move even though I usually take Saturday off from any writing. We will see how it goes,

My wife is now home again after visiting her mom for a week after the wedding. We now adjust to three people in the house again and later dinners.

Sunday was mostly normal with football all day.

Yesterday, I was determined I was going to write when I got home from the barn. As I was driving home I got a text from my wife. The Internet was down.

I got home to discover not just the Internet, but also the TV was out. Also, several electrical outlets were not working. Apparently, when the people power washed our house yesterday stuff that should not get wet got wet.

The electric came back when things dried.

The TV came back but paused a lot.

The Internet didn’t.

I contacted Verizon. They sent someone out same day. He arrived a little after 1 and by 2 had everything up and running.

At that point, I was done and didn’t even consider trying to be productive.

We went to a baseball game last night and got home at 10:30. The Braves won 8-0! Complete game shutout for the rookie pitcher

Today I worked at the barn from 6:45-10;15 am. I trained a new volunteer. I’m very tired.

Maybe I will get back to normal tomorrow.


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