When Your Plans Go Off Track

EDIT – I hate when I change a word in the title and forget to change the verb tense before publishing.

I had a plan for this week. It started off on track.

I got all of my errands done Monday as planned.

Tuesday mostly went as planned. I did end up with a different dinner than planned because of a deal I got via email. That change then changed our Friday dinner plans. I fell asleep way early and didn’t read my book club book as planned.

I did get the lawn mowed yesterday as planned, but still didn’t read as much of my book as I wanted.

My plan for today was to do a lot of cleaning. That plan was dependent on me not having way too much of my book club book left to read today.

I assumed I would be up as early as usual and I would read after doing my TV post. Instead, I didn’t wake up until 6. Not too bad. I would still have time to read a little between writing. But…

My dog apparently had stomach issues last night and I found some cleaning I needed to do from that. My reading time became cleaning time. Both floor and dog.

Now, I’m behind schedule and I will leave to do my backpack deliveries without ever opening my book.

More reading after the deliveries means less cleaning before dinner and book club.

That means more cleaning after my barn shift tomorrow.

This stresses me out more than it should.


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