Trip Recovery Mode Still Activated

A glimpse at my past week.

Last Wednesday – packed the car, dropped the dog at boarding, drove 8 hours to my MIL’s house

Thursday – didn’t do much of anything. read, watched TV, and took a walk.

Friday – breakfast, packed the car, drove 2.5 hours to my brother’s house, played cornhole, and ate dinner.

Saturday – 9 people getting ready for a wedding in the same house, drove an hour to the wedding, 5 hours or so at the wedding and reception, an hour drive back.

Sunday – left y brother’s house at 8 am central time. Drove 3.5 hours to my MIL’s house to drop off my wife who is staying an extra week with her. Ate a quick lunch. Drove 8-9 hours home. Arrived home at 9:45 pm

Monday- at boarding at 9 am to pick up the dog. two grocery store runs. Stop at the pet supplies store to pick up an order. Stop at the library to drop off and pick up books. Cook dinner.

Tuesday – three-hour shift at the barn in the morning. picked up dinner for me and my daughter. Fell asleep on the couch between 8 and 9 pm.

Today – I need to mow, but I also just want to read and watch TV all day to try to recover from the last week.


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