Discovering More Family History

My aunt recently sent me an invitation to join a group on Facebook. The group was for a family reunion.

The Marquess family reunion.

The Marquess family is my maternal grandmother’s family. I have never known anything about her family. I guess I always assumed she had one, but never thought about it.

The family reunion is next month. I won’t go. I have no interest in spending a weekend with distant relatives.

If I were to go, however, it would be because the venue is very nice.

The reunion is at a wedding and events venue in Kentucky. It looks a like very nice place. The venue is apparently a renovation of a house one of the Marquess’ had built at some point. I also would not have guessed anyone in my grandmother’s family would have lived in such a nice place.

Also of note – the house is located not far from where my wife’s parents grew up. I never knew I had any family from that area. I wonder if their family knew my family.

Who knows what I might discover next about my family?


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