Tater on TV: Monarch

The pilot episode of Monarch aired Sunday night on FOX. I finally got a chance to watch it today.

Before my review, a complaint for FOX – Monarch was scheduled to air at 8 pm after football. I set the DVR to record at 8. I guess football ended early so the show started early and I didn’t get the first part recorded. Luckily, I have Hulu and was able to watch what I missed there. Others don’t have that option. Very bad programming decision there.


Susan Sarandon and Trace Atkins are Dottie and Albie Roman, the King and Queen of country music. They have built a country music empire and are being awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award. Before the award ceremony, it leaks that Dottie is dying.

Their kids are trying to carry on the family tradition. The son is CEO of Monarch Records. Their daughter is ready to take over as the country music star. The other daughter seems uninterested at first, but then reveals she stepped back because her sister wanted it more. They will be fighting over who carries on the legacy.

There are also flashbacks and flash-forwards to incidents and family secrets.

Tater’s Thoughts

It was not a bad first episode. Susan Sarandon is very good, but given the events of the show, I’m not sure how much she will be in each episode. Trace Atkins is not a good actor, but he gives them country music bonafides and sings several times, so country music fans will forgive this.

The main action in the current-day story revolves around the kids and the family legacy. I don’t know if that would be enough to keep me watching each week. The actors do a good job with it, I just don’t care about which entitled kid of a country music star gets to be the next country music star.

The flashback and flash forward hint at more interesting stories. If I were to keep watching it would be for those.

I think fans of the soapier shows will enjoy this one. Country music fans might want to watch for the music. I don’t think it is for me.


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