My Week in Books, Movies, and TV 9/9/22

I did not finish a book this week. Part of that is the holiday weekend and other people being around more. Part of that is it took me a bit to get into the book I’m reading. Part of that is my mind wanting to drift too much.

Also, I will be off-schedule next week. I am going to a wedding next weekend and will be driving a lot. There may be no posts at all. I might post all of my normal stuff. It all depends on the timing.


I watched two movies this week.

Elvis – Elvis is now on HBO Max. We watched it Sunday night. I have always been a big Elvis fan so I was much more interested in the movie than the rest of my family and was likely to like it more than others. I liked it. I liked it so much that it was the first movie in a while I watched at home at night and didn’t fall asleep. Austin Butler was excellent as Elvis. I was skeptical when he was cast, but he was perfect. I thought the movie would drag being over 2 hours, but it didn’t. It made me miss Elvis and wish we could have seen who he could have been with better influences and management. I want to watch one of his old movies now.

Barely Lethal – this was on HBO yesterday afternoon. My daughter had mentioned watching it before so I decided to give it a try. Hailee Steinfeld stars as a teen who has trained her entire life to be an assassin. She was the best at the school for assassins but longed to have a normal teen life. She takes advantage of an incident on a mission to disappear, enroll in a student exchange program, and goes to high school. It was a fun movie. Steinfeld is good in everything. Samuel L Jackson plays the head of the assassin school. Sophie Turner is another assassin. Jessica Alba is who she was after in her last mission. It’s a very good cast. It’s worth a watch.


We watched a couple more episodes of Only Murders before my wife went out of town. I’m liking this season as much as the last.

We are still watching The Challenge: USA and we are happy that all of our favorites made it to the final episode.

We still watch 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown every night. I will be sad when we reach the end.

We have watched a few episodes of Password. It’s a fun show to watch when you just need a low-investment show. Keke Palmer is good as the host.

I still haven’t found a show to watch alone that holds my interest past a few episodes.

On Deck

We might try to watch Thor: Love and Thunder on Disney Plus this weekend.

We will likely finish Only Murders this week.

The finale of The Challenge is Wednesday night. I need to figure out how to watch it around my travels.

Cobra Kai’s new season drops tomorrow. Not sure when I will get a chance to watch it.

Monarch has a special premiere this weekend. I doubt I will watch it regularly, but I will watch the first episode for review.

I’m still reading Upgrade by Blake Crouch.


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