Tater on TV: My Predictions for New Fall TV Shows

I decided the easiest way to do this is to go night by night. I will share any available trailer, give thoughts on the show, and predict its fate based n time slot and other variables. Here we go.


East New York

I think this one looks like it could be good if you like police shows. Jimmy Smits and Richard Kind are always good. It looks a little different than the existing police shows. It is sandwiched between Equalizer and NCIS: LA, so it has a chance to get the ratings it needs,


Quantum Leap

There is no full trailer that I can find and that worries me a bit. I will be watching because I loved the original and this is a sequel, not a reboot. Ernie Hudson’s character is from the “Leap Home” episodes in the original. I think it will get good initial ratings due to interest from people like me. Hopefully, it is good enough to hold those eyes. It is on after The Voice, but against an NCIS and The Good Doctor. Tough time slot. Plus, NBC is looking to possibly cut the 10 pm hour. 50/50 chance of survival.


The Rookie Feds

I’ve never watched an episode of The Rookie. It has been on for a while. so I guess people like it. Nothing in this trailer makes me want to jump into the rookie universe. Neicy Nash is good and will be able to carry a show. It has the benefit of the built-in audience from the mothership, it follows a Bachelor show, and is against shows I think are on the decline so it has a very good chance to survive.


I’m not sure how I feel about this one. It has the star power of Susan Sarandon, it has country music and nighttime soap draw. The trailer does not make me want to watch, but I am not the target audience. It’s on opposite. Bachelor show, FBI, and La Brea. It will get some good ratings when it premieres early this weekend. It better have a great premiere if it wants people to follow it to its normal night. 50/50 chance of survival.

The Winchesters

I did not watch Supernatural. My daughter watched for a while but gave up on it before the end. I know nothing about the universe. Despite that. I loved this trailer and I think I might give the show a try. The lead actress is from one of my favorite sitcoms. I’m interested to see how she is in a different type of show. This has a massive built-in audience. Its competition is light. I worry about all CW shows, though, given the new ownership. Barring any weirdness from the network, I think this one survives easily.


The Real Love Boat

There is no real trailer that I can find. I like Jerry O’Connell, but I have no interest in this at all. Is there enough interest for another dating type show? Will being between Survivor and Amazing Race give it the ratings boost it needs? Will others be as annoyed as I am that it pushes Amazing Race to the 10 pm hour? It is against Chicago Fire and Abbott Elementary. I think a 50/50 shot but I can also see it being a spectacular failure.


Alaska Daily

The trailer is a little short to get a good feel for the story. I do like the Alaska setting and Hillary Swank is very good. The mystery storyline could be a draw for people. It has a lead-in from Grey’s Anatomy and is against CSI and a Law and Order. I think the Grey’s lead-in gives it the ratings it needs to survive.

So Help Me Todd

I love everything about this trailer. I love Marcia Gay Harden and Skylar Astin. I love the light, breezy feel. This is the type of show I need right now. A show that isn’t all serious, doom and gloom, or preachy. Unfortunately, I think this has the potential to be my heartbreak of the year(Big Leap was the one last year) It is against Grey’s and SVU. It isn’t part of a “universe” and people have bad taste. I want this to do well, but I think it will be canceled before the end of the season.

Walker Independence

Walker is one of our favorite shows. I’m not sure it needs a historical prequel. The trailer does look good, though. I love westerns and this is a western. I like that it already starts with the beginnings of the Walker/Davidson feud. I like that it is far enough in the past that people who don’t watch the original could enjoy it. It is also against Grey’s and SVU. With old CW I would still give it a high chance of renewal, but with the new bosses, it is hard to tell. The western aspect might draw in the older audience they want. 50/50 chance.


Fire Country

I think this will be the biggest hit of the new shows. The trailer is very good. It gives a good idea of who the main character is, the possible conflict, and a lot of fire action. It stars a popular actor from SEAL Team. It has a time slot between SWAT and Blue Bloods, and no real competition. The only thing that will keep the ratings down is that it is on Friday night. I think this is a sure thing.

Lopez vs Lopez

I can’t find a trailer for this one so it is hard to make a prediction. I do think a George Lopez sitcom is the perfect Friday night fare. I don’t know if George Lopez is a big enough draw to get a decent audience. Also, it doesn’t start until College Bowl is over. Who knows.

I will cover midseason shows as they premiere.

11 thoughts on “Tater on TV: My Predictions for New Fall TV Shows

  1. I think several might be shows I might actually follow. East New York, Winchesters, and So Help Me Todd intrigue me the most, followed by Fire Country and Alaska Daily. I love Susan Sarandon, but Monarch is not my kind of show.

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  2. I am part of the Supernatural fandom, and I recommend giving the prequel a go as I will be doing. You may find you’ll want to check out Season 1 of Supernatural afterwards and see if you like it also. For someone who has never watched the original show, I think it would be cool to see this prequel (assuming it is done well) and then give the original show a try. Lots of violence and horror, but lots of smiles and laughs also as the seasons go on.

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