Tater on TV: Tales of the Walking Dead Episode 4

Episode four of Tales of the Walking Dead aired Sunday night on AMC. I finally watched it this morning. The holiday weekend put me behind schedule.

Episode four stars Anthony Edwards as Dr. Everett. Dr. Everett is a naturalist who works in the “dead sector” studying the zombies. He calls them Homo Mortus. He sees Homo Mortus as another species, not a monster, and thinks they should be left to “live” and not killed. One day he finds Amy in the dead zone. They disagree over the right thing to do regarding the dead. She is from a nearby community and might be the people who are taking the heads of the dead. The people Dr. Everett sees as an example of why nature needed to reset and take the world back from humans.

I thought this episode was better than the last. It was interesting to see the idea of someone scientifically studying the dead. I feel like some of the communities we’ve met on the other shows could use some of this research. I like Anthony Edwards and he was good in this role. I thought the actor playing Amy was not quite strong enough opposite him. I feel like it would have been better had they used an older actor closer to his age and experience. I was happy that the episode didn’t end with a contrived happy ending where they become friends and he learns to love humans again. Dr. Everett would be an interesting character to bring into one of the coming spinoffs.

I think this has been the best of the episodes so far. Only two more to go. I will be back next week with a review of epsiode five.

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