Some Barn News

But first some background:

I have been volunteering at MTR for 8 months. When I started, I was there Friday and Saturday mornings. I liked the barn lead on Fridays. I did not enjoy the Saturdays.

Soon after I started, the Friday barn lead moved to Tuesdays and we got a new barn lead. I also liked the new barn lead.

Soon after the old barn lead moved to Tuesday I got a text from the volunteer coordinator asking if I could work a Tuesday because they were short. I did, decided I liked Tuesdays and started working Tuesdays regularly.

The new barn lead on Friday then switched days around the same time two of us on Friday attended barn lead training. I went even though you are supposed to be there a year before becoming a barn lead.

The person I work with on Fridays became the new barn lead, but she leaves early. So, the rest of us work unsupervised even though a staff member is technically in charge.

The Tuesday barn lead is moving days again due to work. I’m starting to take it personally.

With this latest move, I have now been asked to be co-barn lead on Tuesday mornings. I guess they decided I can’t run off the barn lead again if I am the barn lead.


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