I am a terrible typist. I make a lot of mistakes when I am writing mostly due to being a terrible typist.

Most of these mistakes can be caught by Grammarly.

Some of them won’t be caught by Grammarly and I am not that great at proofreading my own writing.

Some of my common mistakes:

Missing an o in good and typing god

Accidentally using the wrong form of it’s/its

Transposing letters, especially in the TV column with the i/e in premiere

I minimize the errors by running Grammarly, but some will slip through. I didn’t worry too much about it here, but I worry about it more when I am submitting an article to a publication on Medium.

I decided this morning to stress less about it. Why?

Yesterday, I found a sentence in a published book I am reading where it was supposed to start with the word A and started with I instead.

This morning, I found a sentence in the Washington Post where they used an o in a number instead of a 0.

It happens to the best of us. The professionals. Of course, it will happen to an amateur like me.

I will do my best, but there will be mistakes. That’s true in all aspects of life. We all need to relax, do our best, and stop judging others for small mistakes.


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